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Our Life in the UK test preparation course helps candidates to understand the life in the UK Test book. The classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere and students are trained to study on their own.


Topics covered are the testable chapters included in our study guides which are:

The values and principles of the UK

-Taking the Life in the UK test

What is the UK?

- Countries which make up the UK.

A long and illustrious history

- Early Britain
– The Middle Ages
– The Tudors and Stuarts
– A global power
– The 20th century
– Britain since 1945

A modern thriving society

- The UK today
– Religion
– Customs and traditions
– Sport
– Arts and culture
– Leisure
– Places of interest

The UK government, the law and your role

- The development of British democracy
– The British constitution
– The government
– The UK and international institutions
– Respecting the law
– Fundamental principles
– Your role in the community

Course Structure

Course Duration Study Mode Fees Booking
Life in the UK test preparation 4 Weeks 4 days a week £250.00 Book Now
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